John Silverio is an architect and an artist. John studied architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, participating in the European Honors Program in Rome. He also studied with Louis Kahn at the University of Pennsylvania. He has painted and drawn throughout his life. His work has been shown at the University of Maine, the College of the Atlantic, Open-space Gallery, Pine Tree Shop Gallery and Aarhus Gallery. He is currently being represented by the Caldbeck Gallery .

John Silverio’s recent paintings and drawings are a departure from his earlier work. The new paintings and drawings are compositions of shapes derived from roof and pyramid forms which provide a vehicle to explore form, shadow and color in a direct way. The work looks at form progressions employing the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Mean. The surface texture of the watercolors are often deeply granulated enriching the luminosity of the color.

John is an author as well and his books can be found at and his architectural work can seen at

 Four Hi Painting by John Silverio    Drawing 3 by John Silverio    Wood Sculpture Designed by John Silverio